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Databases are important sources of information in the field of technology.  With the databases, in example, we can: Analyze data and make control algorithms Makes cases of study of load (current) Know features or behaviors of people And more… much more. So here you can find i made in mi home, for the people of …

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Explaining FRDM-K64F Kinetis Bootloader Usage and OpenSDA

The bootloader is a firmware program, and in our case, with our microcontroller is resided in flash memory.  Basically loads main functionality of all interface and peripherals and has command line interface tools to make an upgrade of our existing application. This bootloader was done by Freescale Semiconductors and for future freescale devices this will …

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Introduction to IoT – Concepts, Part 1/2

In early years I remember how difficult was to get an embedded system do complicated things, the lack of stacks and peripheral libraries where exclusively for them that has the economical resources. Nowadays with the power of SBCs (Single Board Computers) and microcontrollers the companies released all the stacks and sufficient libraries, even third party hardware …

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Introduction to IoT – Posting Data to Xively using LabVIEW, Part 2/2

Remember the last post of IoT (Internet of Things)?. If you got the idea, then lets construct a simple application that stores our “thing” data into a Cloud Service.  For that purpose I will use Xively Cloud Storage Service. Figure 1.  Xively Logo.  Xively is a company that offers user friendly framework for IoT applications. Xively as a …

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Leap Motion Controller And LabVIEW

The Leap is a harware an firmware piece that enables your hands as a control device for your PC or any hardware that you need to interact; developed by Leap Motion Inc, this hardware is a masterpiece of technology and science for Human Machine Interfacing or Machine to Machine interfacing.   The Science Behind the Leap …

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mbed – FRDM-K64F

What is mbed We discused on the last post what are the Tiva C that are ARM Cortex-M platform based.  Well mbed gets the ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers and helps with very useful circuitry.  In this case we will use the Freescale Freedom K64F. Of course there is also a set of platforms that you could use.  Some …

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Sniffing Bluetooth Packets with Kismet and Wireshark in Ubuntu 12.04

Kickstarter is a crowd funding web site that holds a variety of projects in arts, comics, gaming, film & video, etc.  On the technological part i want to make a special mention to one, Michael Ossmann’s Ubertooth Project.  Basically is an spectrum analyzer and development tool but with a few advantages like bluetooth sniffing… and …

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Starting with KEIL MDK5 and first step using CMSIS-RTOS RTX

When everybody wants to start developing applications in embedded systems, referring this time on the firmware developement, they want to start smoothly and have low troubles on setting the environment to start programming.  The things that i look for a good tool are: Cost:  Must be cheap or free because I am not a company …

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Tiva C Series TM4C1294 Connected LaunchPad

The ARM Cortex™-M microcontroller Family The TI TM4C1294 is an evolutioned microcontroller of the ARM family of Tiva C series.  Specifically, the TM4C1294NCPDT with a lot of interesting features including floating point processing unit.  Notably, the ARM Cortex is Hardvard Architecture, that is, the storage and signal paths are separated from data and instruction. The Tiva C …

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Using LabVIEW to test IO Control with a RN171-XV

One of the most basic things that you will want to do in your embedded life is control anything wirelessly. Basic things like sense a door input, control an actuator and view wirelessly the information of your sensor is a common use that we, embedded designers and hobbists likes.  Personally i don’t like wires and …

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XBee Basics and AT Transparent Mode

On this tutorial I will show you the basics of XBee, why they are usefull for wireless control applications and the basic configuration for AT Mode. Wireless Brief Explanation. Wireless communications have rised over these years and nowadays the “Internet of Things” is growing extremely fast.  The necessity of email services, exchange of information and …

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