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Nucleo F030R8 SOMO

Audio Sound Module Library for the SOMO-14D (Version 1)

There is a simple way to put audio to your projects, yes, that is using an external hardware.  If you want to manage only applications without worring about speech processing, compression and decompression and just want to test simple audio sounds in your project, the SOMO-14D audio module is just for you. Description of the SOMO-14D …

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EEG – Electroencephalography with LabVIEW and Mindwave Mobile

The Origins EEG or electroencephalography are since Hans Berger in 1929 exposed that the activity of the brain could be measured from electrodes situated in the human skull.  With EEG we could measure in fact, the functional state of the brain and diagnose some future or actual problems.  This is the most common way to measure …

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Industrial Welding Machine Controller SW and Board

This project is old, but i will get them back to you.  Is a replacement of an industrial welding machine used for trigger ignitrons.   The main idea was to make an LCD interface displayed menu to set the necesary adjustments inserted via keyboard.  The menu must sustain: Percent of welding level to apply Trigger …

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Isolated USB to RS485 Converter

In SCADA, we use this thing a lot because there are a lot legacy equipments that are still cabled the old way using differential signal. RS485 is physical layer (some people says ‘standard RS485’, thats a mistake) communications between the equipment and the host, there are advantages for use RS485 still today: Datathrougoutput up to …

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Resistive Load Control with Microcontroller

A very cool project implementation is lightning control.  Well, right now the LED technology is emerging and gaining more popularity, there are advantages and disadvantages of this technology that does not come around in this project. Because right now, light bulbs are in the  country that i live, fluorescents and incandescents (i don’t know if …

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Robotnik Summit XL

Robotnik – Summit XL

Robotnik is a business company that makes R&D on the robotics area, of course they will offer products and services in this area too.  Right now they have: Mobile Robots Mobile Manipulators (Mobile Robot + Manipulator) Robotics Arms Robotics Hands The NAO Robot (from Aldebaran Robotics, it’s a nice one) Sells other hardware Specifically I …

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SELFiSSH is an electronics equipment capable to switch over: USB RS232 RS485 IrDA WiFI / Ethernet / Bluetooth / Zigbee / GSM or another module that you want to use Capable to power it via solar panel (5.5V) Capable to work without self power (3.7 Li-On Battery) Capable to downstream a USB port Has battery …

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Variable Frequency Drive Control with LabVIEW

Inrush current, harmonic distortion, overvoltage and so on are very common problems in power ystems that lets the system to behave strangely, make money waste and the worst thing, failure of your equipments as a bad condition of your supply network or even your internal network (if you have an automatic transfer switch with a …

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