Apr 19 2014

IoT – Internet Of Things




The Internet of Things, also called IoT is a new trend in which objects, animals or people have unique ability to identify, transfer its data over the internetwork without any or less human intervention, just machine actions that converges sensors, the internet and machines as gateways.

The “thing” is a device capable to be in a living object or inert one such as a tracker system, smart meter, radiation sensing for map radiation construction, connected toothbrushes, etc.

Learn about internet of thing concepts.  What is? The framework models, cloud storage services and why is it growing fast.  Read more.


Play with is LabVIEW example that feeds Xively Cloud Service and make a few triggers, this gives more better understanding of what you could do with the internet of things.

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Mar 25 2014

Using the Optoisolated USB To RS-485 Converter to Interface a Nexus 1250 Meter

See the short explanation and video of the test of my galvanic isolated USB-RS485 converter tested with a Industrial Meter (Nexus 1250).

Test Bench for RS485

Test Bench for RS485

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Oct 24 2013

Final Report with Matlab simulations of Robotnik Summit XL

Here is our final report of the course “Design and Control of Robots” with the PhD. professor Rony Caballero.  In this report we will show you controllers, graphs, the theory and more of the Robotnik Summit XL and the use of ROS.

See the final report on the page of the Summit XL entry.

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Oct 12 2013

LabVIEW TCP Connectivity R/W with RN-XV

On this topic is added the capacity to test wireless connections through LabVIEW and the Roving Networks XV (pin compatible with XBee socket).

View the full issue here

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Sep 01 2013

USB to RS485 Converter

Check my USB to RS485 conveter.  Has a few advantages above the current market converters.

Update status!!!.  Assembled and tested.

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Jun 25 2013

XBee Series 1 Basic Tests

XBees are regular RF modules with capabilities of Mesh networks.  It are based on 802.15.4 wireless standard named Zigbee.  Although they are not full zigbee compliant modules, the company has a variety of fancy modules and there are ones that are full zigbee compliant.

Zigbee is regularly used to make control applications where battery life saving is very important.  Check out the tutorial.

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Jun 15 2013

Computer Vision

Computer Vision is an art.  For those people that made the libraries, my total admiration.  I will show you here the basic of displaying an image using your computer with a package named OpenCV or Open Computer Vision.  This stack of functions will help you to develop complex applications using your device input, generally a camera using your PC.  Nowadays you can use a FPGAs with a wrap of functions using Vivado, and Zynq Xilinx

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Jun 08 2013

CPLDs – Complexity Reduced to One Single Chip

CPLDs are the most basic chips (right now) in programmable logic.  You can make an AND, OR; make combinational gates, state machines and any combination of circuitry hardware that you want.

Its well suited to glue logic to get the cost of hardware production lower.  I will explain a very basic introduction of CPLD and design flow to follow.

Finally i will leave you the JTAG interface schematic and some VHDL files for you to test.  To view this entry go here.

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Jun 02 2013

Resistive Load Control

Microcontrollers are good for control.  8-bit market stills rules.  In this project i was able to implement a simple way to dim the incandescent light bulb.  This project was submitted on the IEEE design contest locally, but unfortunatelly i was only able to be on the second place.

In the link you will find how i did that.

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Jun 02 2013

Welding Machine Controller

This post i will show you a past work about make a Welding Machine controller for tanks that holds fluids like water, air or other newtonian fluid.

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