Apr 19 2014

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IoT – Internet Of Things




The Internet of Things, also called IoT is a new trend in which objects, animals or people have unique ability to identify, transfer its data over the internetwork without any or less human intervention, just machine actions that converges sensors, the internet and machines as gateways.

The “thing” is a device capable to be in a living object or inert one such as a tracker system, smart meter, radiation sensing for map radiation construction, connected toothbrushes, etc.

Learn about internet of thing concepts.  What is? The framework models, cloud storage services and why is it growing fast.  Read more.


Play with is LabVIEW example that feeds Xively Cloud Service and make a few triggers, this gives more better understanding of what you could do with the internet of things.

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Rangel Alvarado

I am an Electromechanical Engineer in Panama and my area of development is in automation, control and embedded systems.

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